Why Perform a Drinking Water Testing in Plains, VA?

Whether you get your drinking water from a well or spring on your property or a public water

Whether you get your drinking water from a well or spring on your property or a public water supply to meet your everyday water requirements testing it before utilizing it for drinking and other purposes is very important. As a leading water testing facility in your region, we recommend testing your drinking water in Plains, VA, at least once a year to ensure your safety from various water-borne illnesses.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of the water table is highly dynamic. This implies that the water table on which you rely for drinking water is always shifting. Keeping this in mind, just imagine how many changes can occur in a year to your water table. Another thing to bear in mind is that over a thousand towns worldwide are currently dealing with more serious drinking water issues than Flint, Michigan. Flint’s event gained global attention because of the poor quality of water it provided to its people.

Our drinking water testing in Plains, VA, mainly seeks to screen for the three primary pollutants that may harm your health. They are,

Nitrates – This kind of water pollution is common in water sources near agriculturally active areas. If you buy a house in such an area, it is critical to have the pipe water tested for nitrates to ensure that the nitrate levels in your drinking water are below acceptable limits.

Total Coliform Bacteria – As previously said, this is one of the most important tests you should do on your water to determine the presence of coliform bacteria in your drinking water, which may cause gastrointestinal sickness. When someone in your family becomes ill, we don’t pay much attention to the water quality you get at home, which may be the true cause of the illness. Instead, we’ll go to the doctor. Keep in mind that visiting physicians and using medicines will not cure the disease until you address the underlying source of the issue, which is the quality of water you get at home.

Lead – Lead was introduced into the local water system in Flint, Michigan, by neighboring automotive manufacturers, and this is how the town’s water supply became polluted. A drinking water test may be used to determine if the lead level in your drinking water is appropriate.

Apart from drinking water testing in Plains, VA, we also provide a variety of other tests to ensure that the overall quality of the water you get is satisfactory. To contact us, please fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our skilled employees will get back to you as soon as possible and guide you through the entire process.