Water Testing Services – Things to Consider

Most of Fredericksburg, VA, residents are unconcerned about conducting a water test on the water they drink and

Most of Fredericksburg, VA, residents are unconcerned about conducting a water test on the water they drink and use for other household purposes because they are unaware of its significance. On the contrary, testing the water you use every day is critical. 

Most people only think about water testing gravely after a family member has become ill. Why wait till someone close to you becomes ill to find out if the water you’re drinking is safe? It is far more convenient to check the water quality ahead of time and ensure that it is safe to use. In other words, you must regularly check the quality of your water. Testing regularly may reveal a lot of information. The coliform test, for example, looks for microorganisms that can cause gastrointestinal problems.

We offer water testing services in Fredericksburg, VA, to residents who get their water from wells or springs and those who use city water. Private water sources are not subject to frequent government inspection, unlike public water sources. This means that no one from the administration will come to check your water quality. Is this to say you don’t have the authority to act? Nope, it doesn’t.

We strongly recommend that you use our water testing services. Maybe you haven’t tested your well or spring water yet. Don’t be alarmed. It is preferable to be late than never. Let us start today. After you have completed the water testing, you will identify the contaminants that are causing problems in your water. If this is the case, suitable action may be taken to eliminate the pollutants. Also, make a point of retesting the water the following year.

Some of the most popular drinking water tests we offer are intended to ensure the safety and purity of the water. Each of these is discussed below.

Following are some of the important water safety tests we provide. 

The three major water safety tests we provide are described below. We strongly advise you to use them to ensure that the drinking water you receive at home is pure.

  • Total coliform bacteria count

We prioritize testing for coliform bacteria in your water because these organisms could cause disease in you or a family member. If this occurs, you may not believe that dirty water is the true cause of the problem. Instead, you’ll be concerned with going to the doctor and getting your prescriptions. Instead of going to the doctor, why not start by evaluating the water you drink? A coliform bacteria test will most probably reveal the cause of your sickness. If the results are negative, we will retest the water sample for E-coli bacteria to ensure that the water you drink is completely safe.

  • Lead

Many Fredericksburg, VA, homes are over 100 years old, and their plumbing is frequently done with lead pipes. Your water might have been tainted with lead if you bought such a house. A similar situation will arise if you purchase a previously used house for farming purposes. Many automobiles on such farms may run on lead-laced gasoline, resulting in lead contamination of your drinking water. The only way to be certain is to use our Fredericksburg, VA water testing services to determine the lead levels in your water. We can help you with this.

  • Nitrates

The nitrate test is another common type of water testing. Nitrates are primarily formed as a result of agricultural fertilizers. If you live in an area where agriculture is a primary job to the natives, your water may be contaminated with nitrates and thus unsafe to drink. To determine whether the water has a high nitrate content, conduct a simple nitrates test.

We Provide Important Water Quality Tests

Aside from these health-related tests, we also offer a variety of water testing services in Fredericksburg, VA, to assist you in improving the quality of your drinking water. These tests are primarily concerned with the water’s smell, taste, and appearance. These tests aid in evaluating water that has a sour taste or odor. It also searches for stains on clothing, baths, toilets, and sinks. These tests help determine whether or not the water contains potentially hazardous pollutants. It is critical to remember that using stain removal solutions in your bathtubs, baths, and sinks will be ineffective unless the underlying cause of the discoloration is addressed. Here are a few of the water quality tests that we offer:

  • Hardness

What do you mean when you say “water hardness”? When someone says their home has hard water, they mean it. There is no lather produced when soap is combined with water which is hard. Hard water also leaves a flaky residue on your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

If you are doubtful if the water you receive at your home is hard, please make use of our hard water test so that you can be sure of the quality of the water you consume.

  • pH values

Another factor to consider when it comes to water quality is pH. A high pH level corrodes water pipes, resulting in water pollution. If the pH value of the water you consume becomes too high or too low, the water quality may suffer. So, we recommend to have your water tested for pH levels in our laboratory to be safe.

  • Manganese and iron

As you may be aware, iron and manganese can discolor plumbing materials. The presence of iron, for example, appears in the pipe as a reddish-brown stain. This type of staining is common in bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. If you see this, your water may be high in iron. Manganese has the same effect as iron, but it also stains clothes. Only a specialized test can determine whether or not certain metals are present in your water.

Why is it necessary to conduct water tests regularly?

Remember that your drinking water quality is critical. Put another way, it is better not to take anything for granted. Test it right away if you suspect that the water in your home is contaminated, have it tested right away. Keep in mind that if you rely on a well or spring on your property for your daily water needs, water testing services in Fredericksburg, VA become even more important. This is because no government official will come to your house to inspect the water quality. This implies that people who rely on wells or springs jeopardize their water quality. Remember that this is a very dangerous thing to do regarding your family’s health and well-being. Rather than being irresponsible, you should accept the responsibility of protecting yourself and your family from various water-borne illnesses by testing your water at regular intervals.

Remember there are no “Ideal” tests.

Remember that to solve a problem with your home’s water safety or quality, you must first identify the underlying cause. If you’re still unsure about which tests to perform on your water, we’re here to help. Before we get into the tests you must perform on your water; we want to emphasize that no single test will suffice unless you know exactly what contaminants you are looking for. If you are using our water testing services in Fredericksburg, VA, for the first time, it is best to run the entire battery of tests to establish a baseline. After you’ve established a baseline, you can move on to more precise testing the next time.

We recommend retaking the exams a year after the first time. This is because water tables can change dramatically over time. This means that, as you are aware, a lot can happen in a year. For example, once you’ve completed a nitrate test, you only need to repeat it once per year and may be able to avoid it the next time.

So, what are you waiting for? If you require water testing services in Fredericksburg, VA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away. No need to worry if you’re unsure which tests to run on your water sample. Just leave it to our experts.

If you are unsure how to contact us, please use the contact form on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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