Do you get your water from a well, or from a municipal supply?  If you’re on ‘city water’ then water quality is probably not something you spend much time thinking about.  After all, it’s city water, which means someone else is out there, making sure the water is safe to drink, right?

It’s a good assumption, and you’re correct to assume that there are strict guidelines about water safety and that municipalities are mandated to provide their citizens with a supply of safe drinking water.

Ask yourself though, how well that worked out for the people in Flint, Michigan?  Not very well, right, and the worst part is that according to the EPA’s data, there are more than a thousand communities, scattered across the country that have water even worse than Flint’s.

That’s why our public water system testing service in Chantilly, VA is so important.  It gives you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that the water you’re cooking with, bathing in and drinking isn’t going to cause your family any harm or degrade their health.

Our water safety tests can identify a number of dangerous substances in your water, and if they’re present, tell you in what amounts and whether that amount is above or below the EPA’s guidelines.  Armed with that information, you can make informed decisions about how safe your water is, and whether you need to raise a fuss with the city council to get it fixed, or take steps to fix it on your own.

While your family’s health and safety is obviously the number one priority, it’s not the only reason you may want to consider taking advantage of our public water system testing service in Chantilly, VA.  Another important consideration has to do with the quality of your drinking water.

If you’ve lived in a number of different places over the course of your life, then you know that water quality is a real thing, even if you get the occasional funny look for bringing it up.  The simple fact is that from one place to the next, water tastes different and some of the changes aren’t good ones.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the taste of your water, or with some of its other characteristics, our public water system testing service in Chantilly, VA can help with that too.  Among other things, we can get to the bottom of why your water has a funny smell or an acidic taste.  We can tell you what’s causing it to stain your clothing when you wash with it, leave reddish rings in your toilet, discolor your shower and leave mineral buildup on your showerheads.  Once you know what’s causing those types of issues, correcting them is usually a pretty simple matter, so when you’re ready to get started, just give our office a call!