If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your water.  After all, unless there’s a problem, why would you?  You just hop in the shower, turn on the faucet and the water comes out.  When you flush your toilets, everything works as expected.  If you’re thirsty, you go to the sink and turn on the tap, and like magic, the water is there.  It’s such a routine part of our daily lives that it just fades into the background.

Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt, or even kill you and if you haven’t taken advantage of our water testing service in Chantilly, VA, then you honestly have no firm idea what is or is not in the water you’re drinking.  Is it making you sick?  Is it contributing to a family member’s illness?  Without testing, how can you be sure?

This is why, whether you get your water from the town water supply or you have a well on your property, we recommend having your supply tested right away.  The hope, of course, is that the tests come back and reveal that your water is absolutely fine.  In that case, it’s great news indeed and will give you tremendous peace of mind.  If the water turns out to have some problems, well, that’s important to know too, and once you know there’s something wrong, you can take steps to have the problem corrected, and stop drinking from that supply until it is.

As critically important as that is though, there’s another reason that our water testing service in Chantilly, VA is so important and that comes down to aesthetics.  Taste and smell.  The overall quality of your water.

People who have lived in the same place for most of their lives might not believe it, but water quality is absolutely a thing.  If you moved around a lot growing up, you almost certainly noticed that the taste of the water varied widely from one place to the next.

A valid question then, is how happy are you with your water quality?  Does it have an odd smell?  Does it leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth?  Have you noticed a buildup of mineral deposits on your faucets or showerheads?  What about rings in sinks, toilets, or showers?  Does your water discolor your clothing when you wash them?  Has it discolored your teeth over time?

These are all very real issues, and they’re more common than you might think.  The good news is that everything we just outlined above is easily fixable if you know what’s causing the problem in the first place.  Again, that’s where our water testing service in Chantilly, VA can provide assistance.  We can help you zero in on exactly what’s causing the issue so you can take steps to fix it, thus improving the quality of the water you rely on.