How important is water testing in Manassas, VA?  It doesn’t matter if you’re on city water or if you have a well or spring on your property, the answer to that question is:  very!

If you’re on city water, it may be something you don’t spend much time thinking about.  After all, city water is supposed to be clean, safe and drinkable, right?  Well, yes and no.  It’s true that municipalities that provide water to their citizens are under a legal obligation to provide water that’s safe to drink, there’s nothing that says they have to provide good quality water to drink.

It should also be noted that sometimes, the city in question doesn’t even get the ‘safe to drink’ part right.  Flint, Michigan being a case in point!

If you live in an older home in town, the city’s water may be fine but the old pipes in your home may contain lead, which is leaching into the water as it comes out of your tap.  How would you know if that’s happening or not in the absence of testing?

Our recommendation is that you take advantage of our water testing services in Manassas, VA once a year, first to get a baseline and then to make sure that nothing has changed in the intervening twelve months that you should be aware of.

Here are just a few of the tests we offer:

Sulfates – Does your water smell like rotten eggs?  Sulfates are the likely culprit.  This test will confirm that, and tell you how big a problem you’ve got.

pH – Not only does a very high or very low pH level impact the taste of the water you’re drinking, high pH levels can corrode the pipes in your home, which can cause a variety of dangerous metals to leach into the water your family relies on.  This is an incredibly important test!

Hardness – You’ve almost certainly heard at least some people talk about how ‘hard’ their water is.  The reason it’s a problem is that it causes an unsightly scaly residue to build up in your shower, tub, and sinks and hard water prevents soaps from lathering up properly.

And Total Dissolved Solids – A small amount of minerals in your water can actually be a good thing, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and minerals in high concentration can dramatically alter the taste of the water you’re drinking, and usually not in a good way.  This test will tell you what minerals are present, and in what concentrations.

In addition to that, our water testing service in Manassas, VA can check for the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates and lead in your water; tests designed to keep you and your family safe.  Don’t hesitate to call on us if you even suspect there’s a problem with your water!