Many people living in the outlying areas around Leesburg have a well on their property which provides them with their drinking water.  It’s something of a badge of honor and a sign of independence, but with that greater independence comes increased responsibility.

The EPA doesn’t have any established guidelines for privately owned water sources, which is why private water testing in Leesburg, VA is so important.  Because conditions can change, sometimes markedly, over time, we recommend having your well or spring water tested once a year to be sure that it’s safe to drink and of high quality.

We offer a trio of different tests designed to ensure the absence of potential health hazards in your water supply.  These are:

Nitrate Testing – If you live far enough out in the country that you’re relying on a well to provide your water, then you probably live in an area where there’s a lot of agricultural activity.  Modern agriculture relies heavily on nitrates, which can easily make their way into your water supply.  The results of this test will tell you if the level of nitrates in your water is a problem.

Coliform Bacteria Testing – Coliform bacteria is one of the most common causes of gastrointestinal illnesses.  If you or members of your family are experiencing chronic gastrointestinal issues including diarrhea and stomach cramps, the water you’re drinking may be the culprit.  This test will either confirm that or rule it out.

This should be considered the standard water safety test and as such, it’s probably the most important private water testing in Leesburg, VA you can order.  Note that if the sample you send us fails this test, then we will automatically test further, for the presence of E-Coli bacteria.

And Lead Testing – You probably remember when Flint, Michigan made headlines all over the country.  Lead was the exact problem they were experiencing.  In their case, the lead was introduced by automotive plants in the area, but many older homes in our area may have lead in their water leaching in from older pipes inside the home itself.

If you live on an older farm, there may have been an abundance of vehicles on the property at some point in the past that used leaded gasoline, and lead from that could have leached into your well or spring water.  This test will tell you exactly what the lead levels in your water are.

Our private water testing services in Leesburg, VA are about more than just safety, though.  The quality of the water you’re drinking matters too, and we offer a variety of tests designed to detect for things like iron, manganese, and dissolved solids, all of which can dramatically reduce the quality of your water, even if it’s technically safe to drink.  Whatever your water testing needs are, we’ve got you covered.  Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you.