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When was the last time you had your water tested in Purcellville, VA?  It may be the case

When was the last time you had your water tested in Purcellville, VA?  It may be the case that you don’t know, or that you’ve literally never had a water test performed.  If you haven’t, you’re certainly not alone.  Most people don’t think too much about where their water comes from or what’s in it unless there’s a visible problem or a sudden odor associated with the water.  

Otherwise, most people don’t think much about it at all, especially if they live in town because the thinking is that the town’s water department has people who are checking to make sure that everything’s okay where the water is concerned.

There are a couple of problems to talk about here.  First, it is true that if you live in town, your city’s water department does have people who are looking after the water supply and they are mandated to provide safe drinking water.

Safe drinking water, however, has a very broad definition, and you may not agree with it.  Even if you do, the city is under no obligation whatsoever to provide you with good quality water, and quality matters.  Nobody wants to drink oily water filled with little specs of debris.  Nobody wants to drink water that tastes bitter or has a bad smell to it.

The other issue is this:  we humans can only survive about three days without water, so if you suddenly lose your supply, you could find yourself in big trouble very quickly.  That’s why having a regular water test conducted in Purcellville, VA is so important, so if you don’t know when your last test was conducted, your best bet is to assume it’s time and have one conducted right away.

The initial test gives you peace of mind if there are no problems found, and serves as a baseline to compare all future tests with.

Changes to the water table are inevitable, but they tend to happen slowly, over time, which means that if you have a water test in Purcellville, VA conducted every year, you’ll be able to track changes to your water’s profile and spot problems while they’re still small.  

In addition to that, we also recommend having a test done anytime you notice a visible difference in your water, or if it suddenly starts smelling or tasting different.  Those are all sure signs that something new has crept into your water supply, and you need to get to the bottom of that mystery as quickly as possible.  Testing is the key to doing that and once you’ve isolated the thing that’s causing the issue, you can take steps to correct it.

It’s important to remember too, that not every problem with your water supply represents a dire health risk.  There are plenty of things that can make your water smell terrible or taste so bad you can barely choke it down that won’t put you in the hospital, and obviously, if these things happen, it’s a serious problem because why pay money every month for a resource you’re reluctant to cook with or drink?

That’s exactly why a number of the water tests we offer in Purcellville, VA have nothing to do with health and safety and are centered squarely on matters of water quality.  Here are just a few of the issues some of the clients we’ve worked with in the past have experienced:

  • Water that has a foul odor or a bad taste
  • Water that has an oily consistency or has visible particles of some unknown substance floating in it
  • Water that tastes very bitter or acidic
  • Water that stains your teeth and/or your clothing when you drink it or do laundry

And then of course, there are instances where water leaves a scaly residue on your faucets and shower heads, or red rings in your sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Each of these things has a different root cause, and the good news is, there are steps you can take to address every single one of them and improve the quality of the water your family relies on.  Of course, in order to take those steps, you have to be 100% sure of what’s causing the issue in the first place and that brings us right back to testing.  It’s the only way to know for sure, which means it’s the necessary first step in formulating any plan to deal with whatever issue you’re having.  That’s as true of dealing with water quality issues as it is of dealing with health and safety issues.  Testing is just essential, and in many ways, is the unsung hero of the whole process.

It’s also worth mentioning that testing is even more important if you live outside the city limits.  People living in town do have a staffed water department that deals with basic water safety issues.  They might not have a perfect track record, but they exist.  If you own your own well or spring though, and get your water from that, there’s nobody.  Nobody but you, which means that you’re on the hook for ensuring the water that your family relies on is safe to drink and once again, testing is the means by which you do that.

If reading all of this has left you feeling pensive about your water, or a little overwhelmed, don’t be.  Our experts are just a phone call away, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the sample collection process and talk to you about any issues you’re having or that you might be concerned about, in order to guide you toward the tests that would be most beneficial to you.  Give us a call today and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water supply is fine!

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