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How long has it been since you took advantage of our water test service in Leesburg, VA? If

How long has it been since you took advantage of our water test service in Leesburg, VA?

If you live in town, it’s something you may not have even considered, but it’s more important than you might think.  After all, if your water comes from a municipal water supply, they’ve got people who make sure the water flowing out of your tap is high quality, right?

Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than that.  Municipalities are required to ensure a safe water supply that won’t make their customers sick, but they have no such mandate when it comes to quality.

Sometimes though, municipalities fail at the task of providing water that is safe to drink.  Flint, Michigan is a classic case in point, but the simple truth is that there are more than a thousand other communities across the United States with water problems as bad as, or even worse than Flint’s.

In addition to that, as mentioned, municipalities are under no obligation to provide good quality water.  Those are two excellent reasons to consider conducting a water test in Leesburg, VA on a regular basis.

If you live in the country, the case is even more compelling because you almost certainly get your water from a well or spring on your property and there’s no group or agency charged with the task of ensuring even basic water safety, which means the duty falls to you and you alone.

As the top-rated independent lab in the area, nobody does a better job, or offers a more comprehensive suite of water tests in Leesburg, VA than we do.

The question then, is what are you most interested in finding out?  Broadly speaking, water issues fall into one of two categories:  Potential health hazards and quality issues.  

Of the two, the potential health concerns are more critical and important but water quality certainly shouldn’t be discounted, because if you can’t stand the way your water tastes, or if your water has other problematic qualities, those issues are well worth addressing. 

The reality is that most water problems are fixable, but in order to develop a remediation strategy, you’ve got to be able to isolate the specific problem you’re having and that’s why regular water tests in Leesburg, VA are so important.

In terms of addressing water quality issues, here are the tests we offer:

pH – This test measures the level of acidity in your water.  Not only does acidic water have a bitter taste, but if the pH level is extremely high or extremely low, it could begin corroding the plumbing inside your home, which can cause all sorts of metals, including lead, to begin seeping into your water supply.  This is one of the most critical tests we offer.

Sulfates – There’s only one way to describe the smell of sulfates.  Rotten eggs.  It’s not a pleasant odor, and if that’s what your water smells like, Sulfates are almost always the reason why.  This test will tell you whether or not you’ve got a Sulfates problem and if you do, precisely how big it is.

Hardness – This was a much bigger problem in days gone by, and in fact, growing up, you may remember hearing your parents or grandparents talking about how hard their water is.  It’s an issue because it can lead to an annoying scaly buildup in your tubs showers and sinks that can be brutally difficult to get off.  It also prevents soap from lathering up completely, which just leaves you feeling not very clean.

Iron – If you have too much iron in your water, not only is it a potential health hazard, but over the longer term, it will leave a red, or red/brown stain in your sinks and toilets that is incredibly difficult to clean off.  Note that this type of staining can be caused by both Manganese and Iron, so it’s important to test to find out which is causing the problem for you, so it can be corrected.

Manganese – As we mentioned, both this and iron can cause unsightly staining in your sinks, toilets and showers, and at very high concentrations, it can also cause health issues.  Manganese can also stain and discolor your clothing when you do laundry, so it’s definitely something to watch out for and test for on a regular basis.

And Total Dissolved Solids – Some minerals in your water can be ok, but too many can be an issue. This test uncovers the minerals present and in how much concentration.

Regarding potential health hazards, these are the different tests we offer:


You may remember Flint, Michigan’s water issues where leaching lead created health issues and was covered in the news. In Flint’s case, the lead came from Automotive plants but in our area, the lead can come from old lead pipes running in your home. This test tells you the exact lead levels in your water. 

Total Coliform Bacteria

Coliform bacteria can cause gastrointestinal illness in members of your household. If anyone in your family is experiencing such symptoms, your water maybe to blame. Use this test to rule it out. 

This test is also considered the standard water safety test – it only tests for Coliform bacteria but according to experts it is the starting point of testing. If positive, we will automatically test for E-coli bacteria. 


If you live near farms where there’s agricultural work, there could be more nitrates in your water, that you’re drinking. High amount of nitrates can cause health issues and even death. This test tests specifically for nitrates. 

We offer many tests so if you have any questions at all about any of them, or our process, or costs etc. please don’t hesitate to give us a call, a knowledgeable representative will answer your questions gladly. Joiner Micro Labs takes pride in our high quality work, and we continue to be proud to help families in the area by testing for specific contaminants in their water. 

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