Water Odor In Manassas, VA

Let’s talk about your water.  It’s a topic that doesn’t get much time or attention unless there’s a

Let’s talk about your water.  It’s a topic that doesn’t get much time or attention unless there’s a problem.  Most people tend to take it for granted, or at least not think about it much.  After all, it’s always there.  You turn on the faucet and water comes out, and for the most part, it’s pretty good.  Until it isn’t, and then, of course, it’s a huge problem.

A lot of people also tend to think that water issues only occur in rural areas, and to people who have their own wells.  The reality is a bit different, however.  True, people who have a well or spring on their property that they draw from have a different set of challenges and potential problems, and unlike the folks who live in town, they’re ultimately responsible for their own water quality, but people living in the city aren’t immune.  Just ask the fine folks of Flint, Michigan.  You probably remember when that town made headlines around the country, thanks to serious, ongoing water issues.

Even worse, according to the EPA, there are, right now, more than a thousand towns and communities, each with water problems as bad as Flint’s, if not even more severe.  All that to say that water issues can crop up no matter where you live, which is why regular testing is so important.

Generally speaking, you can break potential water problems down into two categories:  Problems that will make you sick, or problems that impact the overall quality of the water.  Both are important, although naturally, if you have both, you’ll want to address the health hazards first, and then focus on improving the quality of the water so it’s not something you have to choke down when you want a drink.

For people living in town, water odor issues in Manassas, VA are uncommon, but they can and have occurred.  It’s a serious problem, because whatever’s causing the foul odor from your water could be a potential health hazard.  At a whiff, there’s really no way to be sure, which again, is why testing matters.

We are one of the biggest and most respected independent labs in the region, and few other labs can match our capabilities or the range of testing services we provide.  Whether you draw your water from the city’s supply, or you’ve got a well or spring on your property that your family relies on, the moment you smell anything amiss in the water you drink, you owe it to yourself and your family to give us a call to discuss the issues you’re having and arrange to have your water tested.

Our process is simple.  It begins with a phone call.  You describe the problem or problems you’re having with your water, and our lab technicians will be able to guide you toward the specific test or tests that will help zero in on the root cause of the problem.  We’ll send the test kit out, along with instructions on how to collect a sample and what to do with it once you have it.  Not to worry, it’s a very simple process.

Once you’ve collected your sample, you’ll send it to our lab and we’ll run the test or tests you’ve requested and get back to you with the results.  In this way, we can systematically zero in on exactly what’s causing the issue, and whether or not it poses a health risk.

People say that knowing is half the battle and that knowledge is power.  There’s truth in both of those statements, because once you know exactly what’s causing your water odor issue in Manassas, VA, you can begin taking remediation steps to start improving the quality of the water.  The exact steps you’ll need to take vary depending on exactly what’s causing the trouble.

One of the most common causes of water odor in Manassas, VA is the presence of high levels of sulfur.  Some sulfur in your water won’t hurt you, but it will make it smell bad, with most people describing it as a rotten egg smell.  

Who wants to drink water like that?  It’s no wonder that people who have high sulfur concentrations in their water wind up spending a fortune on bottled water just so they don’t have to try and get their tap water past their nose, but this is, at best, a poor workaround to the problem.  The test and correct approach is superior because it solves the issue once and for all and saves you money in the long run.

As we said earlier though, we do a lot more than help the clients we serve get to the bottom of their water odor issues  in Manassas, VA.  Among other things, we offer tests that answer questions like:

  • Why is my water bitter?
  • Why does it have an oily texture?
  • Why does it have a strange taste?
  • Why is it staining my clothing when I do laundry, or leaving red rings in the sinks and toilets at my house?
  • Why are there scaly looking deposits on my faucets that seem to grow over time?  What’s in my water that’s causing that?
  • Why does my water stain my teeth?
  • And more

Aesthetics matter.  If you don’t like the way your water looks, tastes or smells, you’re probably not going to drink it, and even if you make yourself drink it, you almost certainly won’t enjoy the experience, which is why our water quality tests are in such demand, and as you can see based on the questions above, there are actually quite a few different things that can go wrong where the water you rely on is concerned.

On top of that, we also offer some powerful, hard hitting tests that check for contaminants in your water supply that pose a genuine health hazard, and unfortunately, some of those issues don’t impact the taste or quality of your water in any way you’d be able to detect, sans testing.

It is for this reason that we recommend having your water tested once a year, and again any time you start noticing a change or problem with your water.  That holds true both for people who get their water from a city supply and for those who use private sources like wells or springs.

The initial test will serve as your baseline and let you know if there are any problems with your water that your nose or tongue couldn’t detect.  Then, each year when you get your water tested again, you’ll have hard data to compare the new test results again, and you’ll be able to track the changes to your water profile over time.

As with most other types of problems, water issues tend to start small, with some incremental change to your water’s profile,  and build in severity and intensity over time.  The good news is that if you’re doing testing at regular intervals, you’ll see those budding issues coming a mile away and be able to take steps to correct them before they get serious enough to impact your water quality or put your family’s health at risk.  You’ll never be blindsided by those types of problems again, and that’s a very good thing.

In a perfect world, independent testing wouldn’t be needed.  We could all get up each day knowing that the water we rely on is clean and fresh and good tasting.  Unfortunately, that’s just not the world we live in, which is why there’s such tremendous peace of mind in having your supply tested at regular intervals.  Then, there’s no question.  You just know.

All that to say, if you even suspect you’re having some kind of issue with the water coming out of your tap, from a straightforward water odor in your Manassas, VA home, to a mysterious, persistent illness that you can’t seem to shake, get your water tested.  Find out what’s at the root of the problem, and take steps to correct it.  

You don’t just have to live with water you don’t like.  If it smells bad or tastes funny, don’t spend a fortune having bottles of water trucked in, let’s work together to fix the issue so the water coming out of your tap is cold, refreshing and good tasting.  

If you’ve had enough of the substandard water you’re drinking right now, give our lab a call.  One of our experienced technicians will help guide you toward the tests you need, and you’ll be well on your way to solving the problem.  Remember, help is always just a phone call away and we’d love to help you get to the bottom of whatever issues you’re having.  We’ll be here when you need us.

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