Water Odor In Leesburg, VA

Do you have water odor issues in your Leesburg, VA home?  When you turn on the tap, does

Do you have water odor issues in your Leesburg, VA home?  When you turn on the tap, does the smell almost knock you down?  Or maybe it’s more subtle than that and you don’t really notice it until you lift the glass to your lips, and then the smell hits you.

Either way, it’s a problem.  Most people tend to respond to issues like that by buying water and drinking that, leaving the smelly water coming out of the tap for washing clothing, and maybe cooking, in the hope that boiling the water will kill the smell.

That’s a reasonably good workaround but it doesn’t really get to the root cause, so it’s not an actual solution.  The good news though, is that we offer water odor testing services in Leesburg, VA, and we’d be more than happy to assist.

Our process is pretty simple.  It starts with a phone call.  You call us and describe what’s going on with your water.  The kind of smell that assaults your nose when you raise a glass to your lips.  Based on that, we’ll be able to recommend one or more specific tests and send you sample collection kits.

We’ve worked hard to make the process of collecting the sample and getting it to us as quick and painless as possible, and that’s the next step.  Once we have the samples, we’ll get to work analyzing and get the results back to you in short order.  Then, you’ll know and as they say, knowing is half the battle.

The final step in the process is remediation.  Actually fixing the problem.  Here, we can’t give you any specifics because of course, we don’t know what particular issue our water odor testing service in Leesburg, VA is going to turn up, but once you know what’s causing the bad smell, you’ll be able to find a solution that will improve the quality of your water over time.

That’s what it’s all about, really, and it’s a much more cost-effective solution than resigning yourself to drinking store bought, bottled water forever.  After all, you’re already paying for the smelly water, why pay for it and then pay again to buy water to replace it?

Water quality issues are a serious problem.  True, they’re not as dire as contaminants in your water that can make you and your family members sick, but they still matter, which is why we offer so many different water quality-related tests.  Whatever issues you’re having with your water, we’ve probably got a test for it that will help you get to the bottom of it, and as the premier independent lab in the region, nobody can match the experience of our talented lab technicians.

If you get your water from the town supply, you might think that there’s nothing to worry about because the city has people that manage the water supply and make sure it’s okay, don’t they?

The answer is actually a bit more complicated than that.  While it’s true that towns all across the country do have people who look after and manage their water supplies, towns are only mandated to provide safe drinking water, with safe being defined roughly as water that won’t kill you.  

Water quality isn’t part of their mandate, and it should be noted that sometimes, towns fail even to provide water that’s safe to drink.  One need only to look at recent headlines and remember the problems poor Flint, Michigan experienced to realize that you can’t necessarily count on the town’s water supply being safe just because it’s from town and they’ve got people on it.  

In any case, if you’re having water odor issues in your Leesburg, VA home, then the problem will be obvious.  Your water literally won’t pass the sniff test.  Unfortunately, some other problems aren’t as easy to detect.  There are a number of harmful substances that can find their way into a local water table that can make you sick, or even kill, and many of those don’t have a readily identifiable odor associated with them.

None of this is meant to scare you, simply to let you know the lay of the land.  These are the reasons that regular water testing is so important.

People who live outside of town and get their water from a spring or well are already familiar with the need for regular testing because they’re ultimately responsible for ensuring their own water safety.  Even if you live in town though, we recommend having your water tested right away, both for your own peace of mind and to give you a baseline to compare future tests against.

Then, at least once a year, and any time you detect a change in your water, have it tested again.  That way, you can compare the most recent test to your baseline and the thing or things that have changed will usually jump right out at you.

Water testing isn’t glamorous or exciting, but it is critical, especially if you’re tired of drinking substandard water, or having to go to the store every week to buy another supply of bottled water.  Don’t do that, except perhaps as a stopgap measure.  Give our office a call.  Take advantage of our water testing services and arm yourself with the information you need to fix whatever the issue is.  Help is just a phone call away.

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