Water Odor in Front Royal, VA

“Why does my water have a fishy taste to it?”  “Why does it smell like rotting eggs?”  These

“Why does my water have a fishy taste to it?”  “Why does it smell like rotting eggs?”  These are questions we get from clients we serve on a regular basis, and it underscores something important that will serve as the basis for today’s topic.

Regular water testing isn’t always about health and safety.  Sometimes it’s about quality.  Sure, health and safety is more important, no doubt about that, but water quality matters too, and if you’ve moved around at least a bit growing up, then you know that when you go from one place to the next, sometimes the quality, smell and taste of the water in the new area can be very different from what you’re used to.

Water odor in Front Royal, VA can be caused by a wide range of different things.  Too much sulfur in the water can lead to the “rotting eggs” smell we mentioned above.  Different chemicals leaching into your water supply can easily impact the pH of the water and its smell and taste, not to mention the potentially harmful, or even fatal impacts certain chemicals can have if they wind up in your drinking water.

Three days.  That’s an important figure to keep in mind, because the human body can only go without water for three days or so.  After that, you start running into major health issues.

Sometimes water odor in your Front Royal, VA water supply can indicate the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, and sometimes, whatever is causing the smell isn’t damaging to your health, but will very definitely have a negative impact on the quality of your water, because let’s face it, who wants to drink water that smells like dead fish or rotting eggs?

Either way, if you’ve got an unpleasant water odor in your Front Royal, VA water supply, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the water tested so you can identify the root case of the issue.  You can’t fix it if you don’t understand what’s causing the problem in the first place, so testing is the place to start.

As the largest and most respected independent lab in the area, we can help with that.  We offer a dozen different water tests and can help you quickly identify the source of the trouble, which then informs your remediation strategy to either make the water safe for human consumption, or to improve its quality so you’re not stuck drinking foul tasting or smelling water.

Best of all, our technicians are some of the best you’ll find anywhere, so if you’re not sure which test or tests you need, just let us know and our techs can ask you some probing questions about the smell, taste, and character of your water, using the clues embedded in your answer to identify probable causes and make good recommendations about which tests would be of the greatest benefit to you.  That process begins with a simple phone call.  Call us today.

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