Things to Know About Drinking Water Testing in Fredericksburg, VA

Do you have full confidence in the water quality in your home? If not, you should take action

Do you have full confidence in the water quality in your home? If not, you should take action to address the issue. However, to fix the water problem, you must first identify what is causing the problem.

Most people think that if they reside in a city, they are responsible for providing clean drinking water. However, this is not completely true. Although towns are obliged to provide safe drinking water to their people, bear in mind that high-quality drinking water and water that may not pose health concerns to you and your family are not similar.

If you’ve moved around a lot in your life, you may have noticed a change in the water quality at your house. Some places have great water, but in other areas, even if the water does not make you ill, it may taste or smell terrible. That is why drinking water testing is so important.

Now, let us see the various types of water testing do we offer. There are two types of water testing we offer to our clients. One is to make sure the safety of the water, and the second one is to ensure the quality of the water. 

As far as water safety is concerned, we provide three types of tests:

Lead – Lead contamination is what happened in Flint, Michigan. It happened because of the lead contamination in the local river, which was the main public water supply source. Lead contamination can also occur if you live in an old house with old water pipes that may have lead in them. 

Nitrates – It is very common for you to find a high level of nitrates in your water supply if you live in a country where there is a lot of agricultural activity. So, before consuming the water, you get in such areas, make sure you run a nitrate test in your water. A nitrate test is one of the most common types of drinking water testing in Fredericksburg, VA.

Total Coliform Bacteria – if the water you get at your home gives you gastrointestinal illness, most likely the culprit is the coliform bacteria present in it. Persistent digestive issues you or any other family member suffer are a big sign that the water you consume has coliform bacteria. In such cases, instead of going to doctors repeatedly, first, make sure the water you get is free of illness-causing bacteria. This test can also help you make sure or rule out any other microorganisms in the water.

Water Quality Tests We Offer

Apart from serious health issues, you may also want to ensure the quality of the water you receive at your home. This is where our water quality tests can help you. For example, suppose if the water you drink and use for other household uses has an unpleasant flavor or odor. In such cases, to ensure superior water quality, we offer the following tests.

Hardness — If the water you get at your home cannot produce lather when mixed with soap, it strongly indicates that your water is hard. Apart from this, hard water can also cause a flaky residue buildup in your showers, sinks, and bathtubs. 

Sulfates – Sulfates can also be present in your drinking water at times. Their presence is identified by a strong smell that feels like the smell of rotten eggs. In such cases, where you suspect a presence of sulfates in your drinking water, you can go for a sulfate test. This test will help to confirm the presence of sulfates in your drinking water.

Iron and Manganese – If an excess amount of iron is present in your tap water, it causes reddish-brown stains in bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. In case you see such rings in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets, you must carry out a drinking water testing in Fredericksburg, VA, to detect the presence of iron in your drinking water so that you can confirm and take necessary actions to get rid of it.

If present in your tap water, Manganese causes stains on your sinks, bathtub, and toilet. Apart from staining your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, if Manganese is present in high concentrations. It can also stain your clothes if you use water contaminated with Manganese to wash them.

pH – pH is also a critical feature when it comes to the quality of the tap water you use. This is because a very low or extremely high pH level plays an important role in determining the flavor of your drinking water. In addition to this, if the tap water you get in your home has very high pH levels, it can also cause damage to your home’s water pipes. 

Total Dissolved Solids – This is another test we offer that will help you understand the exact levels of different types of minerals present in your tap water. It is true that minerals, when present in small amounts, is beneficial to your health. However, when present in high concentrations, minerals can also deteriorate the quality and flavor of your pipe water. 

Now that you know the various drinking water testing in Fredericksburg, VA, we provide, are you wondering how to conduct a drinking water test to make sure the water you and your family members consume is free of contaminants? If so, fill up the contact form on our site, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you soon.