Public Water System Testing in Chantilly, VA

How safe is your water?  If you get your water from a public utility as opposed to from

How safe is your water?  If you get your water from a public utility as opposed to from a well or spring on your property, that may not be something you spend much time thinking or worrying about.  Unfortunately, what you don’t know could pose a very real threat to you and your family, as the folks in Flint, Michigan recently discovered.

Worse, right now, there are more than a thousand communities scattered all across the country that have problems as bad, or even worse than the ones suffered by the people of Flint.  That’s one of the reasons why public water system testing in Chantilly, VA is so important and why we recommend testing the water you count on once a year, just to be sure.

The problem is, even if you’re a seasoned do it yourselfer, testing isn’t something you can accomplish on your own.  It requires specialized equipment at a fully outfitted lab.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve been in the business since 1991, and nobody knows more about public water system testing in Chantilly, VA than we do.

We offer a variety of different tests including a test for lead, nitrates and total coliform bacteria, which are three of the biggest and most common waterborne threats your family might face.  Knowledge is power and knowing that your water is free from these contaminants brings you tremendous peace of mind.

Public water system testing in Chantilly, VA isn’t all about safety, however.  It’s also about understanding the quality of your drinking water.  Public utilities have an obligation to provide safe drinking water, though they sometimes fail at that, but they aren’t under any obligation at all to provide high-quality drinking water, so if your water smells bad or tastes funny, it’s up to you to fix it.  In order to do that though, you’ve got to understand exactly what’s degrading the water quality in the first place.

To that end, in addition to the tests above, we offer a variety of tests that are aimed squarely at matters of water quality, these include things like:

Sulfates – Does your water smell like rotten eggs?  Sulfates are the likely culprit.  This test will confirm that, and tell you how big a problem you’ve got.

Hardness – You’ve almost certainly heard at least some people talk about how ‘hard’ their water is.  The reason it’s a problem is that it causes an unsightly scaly residue to build up in your shower, tub, and sinks and hard water prevents soaps from lathering up properly.

And pH – Not only does a very high or very low pH level impact the taste of the water you’re drinking, high pH levels can corrode the pipes in your home, which can cause a variety of dangerous metals to leach into the water your family relies on.  This is an incredibly important test!

Don’t take chances where your water supply is concerned.  If you even suspect a problem, call us right away.


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