Private Water Testing in Gainesville, VA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t have any rules in place to determine the safety of your private

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t have any rules in place to determine the safety of your private water system. It’s up to you to ensure it’s safety.

The only surefire way to know if your well water is safe is through private water testing using a certified lab. Many of the contaminants that can harm us (metals, bacteria, viruses, etc) are undetectable to the naked eye. A professional lab has all the tools necessary to detect these harmful substances and the information they provide will help you find a solution to your well water’s poor quality.

At Joiner Micro Labs, we know this is easier said than done. How often should you test your well? What tests you should do? It’s challenging to maintain your well water when you don’t know where to begin.

Keeping this in mind, we aim to answer these pertinent questions and give you a basic understanding of the process:

How often should you perform private water testing for your Gainesville VA well?

It’s easy for wells to get contaminated with bacteria, viruses, etc. But, did you know certain chemicals or minerals might be in your water simply because of the land use and geology of your area? For this reason, it’s important to get the following tests at a certain frequency:

  • Once a year: Fecal coliform bacteria
  • Every 2 years: Heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, copper, and lead
  • Every 5 years: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides. But, it’s important to note that if you know of pesticides being sprayed in your area, test every year.


One Special Consideration

Nitrates are very harmful to babies and boiling your well water will not remove them. So, If you’re pregnant or have a baby at home, it’s important to conduct private water testing for your Gainesville VA home to ensure they’re not present.

The Water Testing Process

Our private water testing kits for your Gainesville VA well provide an affordable and easy way to determine if there are contaminants in your water. It only takes 3 simple steps:

  • Place a call and one of our expert consultants will help you pick the right test for your needs. The test you’ve chosen and a postage-paid box will arrive at the address you’ve provided shortly after.
  • Use our special container to get a sample of your well water. Once completed, drop the sample off at one of our convenient locations or send it through the mail.
  • When we’ve received your sample, we’ll run the agreed upon tests and within a few days, we’ll email you the results.

As you can see, the private water testing process isn’t as hard as you may think. But, if you have questions, our friendly consultants are ready to help. Call us today!


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