Private Water Testing in Fredericksburg, VA

Have you ever thought about the quality of the water you are drinking?  Do you like its taste? 

Have you ever thought about the quality of the water you are drinking?  Do you like its taste?  Is it cold and refreshing, or does it have a bad taste you don’t like? How does it smell?  If you are living in the countryside and are using well water, you might have noticed that it has an odd odor. 

Have you noticed stains in your clothing when you wash them?  Do you know the water that is not safe to drink can stain your teeth?  Does the water you use in your household leave discolored rings in your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs?  Remember, all these are signs that there is a chance of the water you are using is contaminated. It is indeed possible to fix all these water-related problems if you do private water testing in Fredericksburg, VA. However, keep in mind that without proper water testing, finding out the root cause of the problem, and identifying problem-causing components in the water is challenging.

We are one of the largest and most respected labs in the area, and most local people approach us for their private water testing service. They trust our service will provide them peace of mind of knowing if the water they are consuming is contaminated or not.

Remember, if you are relying on a private water source like a well for the water your family needs, no government agency is there to ensure your water quality. So it is recommended that you take advantage of our private water testing in Fredericksburg, VA, at least once a year. This will ensure that your water is indeed free of contaminants and is safe to drink. Repeating the test every year will help to make sure nothing has changed as far as water quality is concerned.

Various activities happening in and around where you live can have a significant impact on the water table because it is more sensitive than you think. For example, if there is a significant amount of farming going on where you live, nitrates can leach into your water supply. Keep in mind that you need to carry out regular tests to confirm the presence of any contaminants. 

Our private water testing can be divided into two parts. The first category of tests ensures the quality of the water you are drinking, and the second category helps to ensure the water you are drinking is safe and does not interfere with your health.

Here are some tests we offer to our clients to ensure water quality.  

Sulfates – This test is used to find the exact levels of sulfates present in your drinking water. Most of the time, if your drinking smells like rotten eggs, it might have high levels of sulfates.  

Iron – High levels of iron in your water cause reddish-brown discoloration in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. This test helps to know the exact levels of iron in the water.

Manganese – Like iron, manganese also, if present in a high concentration in the water you use for your daily needs, will stain your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Besides, manganese can also stain any clothing you wash.

pH – The pH of the water you use impacts its taste if its too high or too low. Not only that, water that has high pH levels can also corrode the pipes in your home. Remember that when water flows through corroded pipes, it gets contaminated. So, remember that testing the pH of the water you use important to make sure of its quality

Hardness – If you are getting hard water at your home, it will cause an unpleasant scaly residue build up in your tub, shower, and sinks. Not only that, but hard water also prevents soaps from lathering up properly.

Total Dissolved Solids – Even though having a small amount of minerals in your water is good, if present in high concentrations, they can adversely alter its taste.  This test will tell help you to find out the mineral presence and their concentration in the water you use.

Always keep in mind that there is absolutely no reason to compromise the quality of the water you use in your household. Once you do the tests mentioned above and know the exact problem causing elements, you can take corrective action.  

Another big issue regarding the water you use to make sure it is not making you or anyone else in the family sick. We also provide three water tests that can ensure this for you. They are:

Nitrates – This was previously mentioned. If you live in the countryside where people do a lot of agriculture, you may find high levels of nitrates in the water you are drinking.  The results of this test will tell you the nitrate levels in the water.

Lead – This was what went wrong with Flint, Michigan’s water supply. There, the lead was initiated by automotive plants in the area and the city water got contaminated with lead. So, if you think about it, even the city water is never completely safe to drink without conducting proper tests. Also keep in mind that there are other ways through which lead can leech to your drinking water. For example, if you live in an old house with old and corroded pipes, lead can leech into the water coming through those pipes. You need to test lead in your drinking water if you want to know the exact levels of lead present in it.  

Total Coliform Bacteria – This is also one of the important tests we offer as a part of our private water testing in Fredericksburg, VA.  Do you know that Coliform bacteria is one of the leading causes of digestive system illnesses? If you or anyone in your family are having chronic gastrointestinal issues, it can be because of contaminated drinking water. This test will either confirm the presence of the bacteria or rule it out. Also note the point that if the sample you send us fails this test, it will be tested further for the presence of E-Coli bacteria.

You may have different reasons for getting your water tested. Maybe you just want the peace of mind knowing your water is safe and do not have any contaminants or you may wish to correct the water quality at your home. Whatever your reasons are, we make it easy to do that.  Here is a quick overview of the recommended sample collection process to help you.

        • Use only the sample collection containers given by us. 
  • Don’t use the sample container if the bottle is broken or if the seal is broken. In such cases, ask for a replacement.
  • If you are collecting the sample from a faucet or pipe, remove its aerator screen. 
  • Soak a piece of cotton with isopropyl alcohol and wipe both the inside and outside of the faucet to make sure it is free of external contaminants.
  • Open the faucet and let the cold water run for five minutes.
  • Now, open the container without touching its inside portion and fill it to 25 mL line.
  • Screw the cap back on the container securely and write your name on it.
  • Keep the sample refrigerated until it is delivered to us.

Testing your drinking water for potential chemicals and contaminants is a lot more essential than most people realize.  Unfortunately, people do not think much about the water quality they use unless there’s a major problem.  Even though this approach works, remember that it can make you or a member of your family sick if you put up living with substandard water for more extended periods.

Why do that when there’s a more straightforward and better solution available?  If you’re not sure which tests you need to perform on the drinking water you use, give our office a call. Our knowledgeable lab technicians will be able to recommend the tests you require after carefully listening to your concerns. If that sounds good to you, remember, help is just a phone call away. Our skilled technicians will be more than happy to help you with private water testing in Fredericksburg, VA.

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