Importance of Drinking Water Testing in Middleburg, VA

Some people may get their water from a spring or well on their property, whereas others may have

Some people may get their water from a spring or well on their property, whereas others may have a public water source on which they depend for their daily water needs. No matter where you get your water from, water testing is an essential procedure in Middleburg, VA. As a leading water testing lab in your area, we recommend you test your drinking water at least once a year so that you and your family are safe from water-borne diseases.

Also, keep in mind that most of our water table is exceptionally dynamic. This means that it is ever-changing. In such a case, just imagine how much it will change in one year. So as the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Another thing you should note is that over a thousand cities across the country are now facing more severe water problems than what happened in Flint, Michigan, which drew national attention for the poor quality of water it provided to its residents.

Our drinking water testing in Middleburg, VA, helps you screen the following three major contaminants that may present in your drinking water and that can be harmful to your health. They are as follows:

Nitrates – Nitrate contamination is usually observed at water sources situated close to an agriculturally active area. In such situations, the nitrates test is a must-do test because nitrates used in modern agriculture can easily enter your water supply. This test will show whether the nitrates levels in your water are at acceptable levels.

Total Coliform Bacteria – If Coliform bacteria are present in your drinking water, it can cause gastrointestinal illness. This means if you or a member of your family suffer from persistent gastrointestinal problems, your drinking water might be the real culprit behind it. You can rule out this possibility if you conduct a total coliform bacteria test.

Lead – Lead contamination was what happened with Flint, Michigan’s water supply. It was introduced to the town water supply by nearby automotive factories. However, lead can also be present in the water supply of many older homes in our area, mainly due to outdated pipes within the property. This test will help you to find the exact levels of lead in your water.

It should also be noted that our drinking water testing in Middleburg, VA, offers various tests to assist you in identifying different contaminants in your drinking water that are degrading its overall quality. 

Remember that we have got you covered if you are worried about the quality or safety of your drinking water. Complete the contact form on our website, and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible and guide you through the process.

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