How Important is Drinking Water Testing in Berryville, VA?

People depend on different sources for their drinking water. For example, some of them may get their water

People depend on different sources for their drinking water. For example, some of them may get their water from a well or spring on their property. Some others depend on a public water source for their daily water needs. Whatever the source you get your drinking water from, testing that water before you start using it for drinking and other purposes is very important. As a leading water testing lab near your area, we suggest you test your drinking water testing in Berryville, VA, at least once a year to be safe from different water-borne diseases.

Also, remember that most of the water table is extremely dynamic. This means that the water table you depend on for your drinking water is ever-changing. So, imagine how many changes can happen to it in a year. Another thing to keep in mind is that more than a thousand cities around the globe are now experiencing more severe drinking water problems than what we saw in Flint, Michigan. The incident in Flint drew national attention for the poor quality of water it supplied to its residents.

Our drinking water testing, primarily aims to screen the following three major contaminants that can be dangerous to your health. They are,

Nitrates – This type of water contamination is often seen in water sources close to an agriculturally active area. If you happen to purchase a home in such a terrain, it is very important to get the pipe water you get checked for nitrates to make sure the nitrate levels in your drinking water are at acceptable levels.

Total Coliform Bacteria – As explained earlier, this is also one of the key tests you should conduct on your water to test the presence of coliform bacteria in your drinking water which can cause gastrointestinal illness. In reality, when someone from your family gets sick, we do not give much attention to the water quality you receive at your home that may be the real culprit behind the disease. Instead of that, we go to the doctor. Keep in mind that the illness will not go away by visiting doctors and having medications unless you address the root cause of the problem, which is the quality of water you receive at your home.

Lead – In Flint, Michigan, lead was introduced to the town water supply by nearby automotive factories, and that is how the town’s water supply got contaminated. You can test whether the lead level in your drinking water is at acceptable levels by carrying out a drinking water testing.

Apart from drinking water testing in Berryville, VA, we also offer various tests to help you make sure the overall quality of the water you get is good. To get in touch with us, complete the contact form on our website, and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.