Everything You Need to Know About Water Quality Testing in Front Royal, VA

Many individuals in Front Royal, Virginia, do not give much thought or concern to water testing. This is,

Many individuals in Front Royal, Virginia, do not give much thought or concern to water testing. This is, after all, the United States of America we’re talking about. Polluted water may be a problem in some countries but is not frequently encountered in the United States. But, sadly, this is not the situation.

For example, Flint, a tiny town in the U.S. state of Michigan, was recently in the national spotlight owing to serious water pollution issues. This was due to years of pollution from nearby auto-related companies and an aging municipal water pipe network. Unfortunately, since Flint’s water problems have been pushed to the back burner of press coverage, both of these contributing elements have conspired to create a perfect storm for disaster.

Unfortunately, what happened in Flint does not represent an exception. So, while it’s true that Flint’s challenges are unique, there is no guarantee that similar situations don’t exist in other parts of the country.

The truth is that over one thousand municipalities in the United States have water problems as significant as or worse than those that were discovered in Flint, Michigan, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s figures. So it’s always safe if you can have your tap water tested at least once a year, which makes water quality testing in Front Royal, VA, more essential. This advice is given to both well water users and those who use municipal water systems on a regular basis. Here’s why we recommend such regular water testing.

Well and spring owners in rural areas know that no government agency checks on their water quality. There are just two options left for them: either you do it yourself, or it never gets done. You won’t be bothered by anyone or be reminded to do it. As long as you want the assurance that the water you drink, wash with, and cook with is safe, you’ll have to take responsibility for it.

You could think that having water quality testing in Front Royal, VA isn’t important if you live in the city and consume “city water,” but keep in mind what happened in Flint, Michigan. Before they got sick, the people who lived there probably thought the same thing.

The problem is, while municipalities are supposed to provide safe drinking water, the term “safe” refers to anything that won’t kill you if you drink it, which is a broad idea. Even still, towns and cities occasionally fail to deliver on that promise.

In addition, municipal water systems aren’t obligated to provide safe drinking water, so keep that in mind. It’s vital to consider water quality when traveling because it might vary greatly from one region to the next. Whether your water comes from a private well or the municipality water supply, there is a major reason to have it tested for quality.

It’s also a good idea to get regular water quality testing in Front Royal, VA, done to see why your water is so terrible. With this knowledge, you can begin developing a strategy for improving the taste and quality of your drinking water.

Even if you receive your water from a private well or the town supply, we hope that after reading this, you are convinced that having your water tested on a regular basis will ensure that it is safe for drinking. In addition, you know how to fix water quality issues if they arise. 

So now we’re left with the question of what sorts of water tests are available and how to decide which ones are necessary for your particular situation.

The lab you choose to test your water will certainly dictate the sorts of water quality and water safety tests available. Sometimes, certain laboratories may not have a full range of testing. Even so, as one of the region’s largest and most respected independent laboratories, we provide more tests than almost anybody else, so you can be sure that whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

We offer two types of water quality tests: those meant to discover health concerns associated with drinking the water and those meant to detect problems with the water’s quality. Here is a list of major water tests we provide:

  • Test for Total Dissolved Solids (water quality)
  • Water pH test (water quality)
  • Manganese Test (water quality)
  • Sulfates Test (water quality)
  • Water Hardness Test (water quality)
  • Iron Test (water quality)
  • Nitrates Test (health)
  • Lead Test (health)
  • And Total Coliform Bacteria Test (health)

In addition to the above tests, water quality testing in Front Royal, VA, offers almost a dozen more types of water testing. Our customers are free to request as many tests as they need, which will help us narrow down our test to a single contaminant and get a complete picture of their water.

Also, remember that finding any of the three health-related contaminants in your water might be extremely dangerous. For example, if you get infected with enough coliform germs, you could get very sick or perhaps die. This is true also for other toxic substances such as lead, such as those found in Flint, Michigan. For those in rural areas where farming is prevalent, nitrate contamination can also be a serious issue.

There is no need to worry if you’re unsure about the exact details of the test you have to conduct on your household water to ensure its safety and quality. All you have to do is simply let our lab staff know your doubts when you contact us. Even though most people don’t give much care to the quality of their drinking water, our team does. Once they know your major concerns, they will ask you some important questions that will help them to narrow down the number of tests to some specific contaminants that may be causing issues with your water. Again, this will help you to get a good insight into your concerns.

Also, bear in mind that your water’s quality may change over time. As long as there are no problems when you get it tested, you’ll be fine. However, keep in mind that the water quality may have changed significantly by next year this time. This is because your water supply is affected by different factors you cannot see or control. You will only learn about them if you have frequent water tests done. Once you’ve established a baseline, we recommend testing your water every year to keep track of its profile over time. See how your water is changing and take any necessary corrective actions to keep it safe.

Finally, if you have health or quality issues about your water, make sure not to compromise with it. In order to improve the overall quality of the water you rely on, you can identify the specific problem or problems that are reducing its quality and then take action to address them. These treatments, on the other hand, may vary based on the type of your water problem.

In fact, if you get your water from a public source, you won’t have to worry about its purity in an ideal world. The water that came out of the faucet was always ice cold and refreshing when you switched it on. Neither would you wind up in the hospital, nor would your clothes be stained with ugly black stains.

However, there are times when the people in charge of the city’s water supply fail to deliver a high-quality product, despite their best efforts. As a result, the water coming from your faucet is either unsafe to drink or has an offensive odor and taste that prevents you from using it.

If and when that happens, and we are confident it will, we will be here to assist you. Are you confused about how to get in touch with us? That is quite simple. To get in touch with one of our professionals, simply complete the online contact form provided on our website. Once you have completed the contact form, please be rest assured that we will contact you at the earliest.