Details About Coliform Water Test in Gainesville, VA

The quality of water available for daily use has been an ongoing issue for people residing in the

The quality of water available for daily use has been an ongoing issue for people residing in the countryside. For those of you who live close to factories and areas where there is farming activity on an extensive scale, you know the water supplied to you is not only turbid but also foul-smelling. This contaminated water can be a huge problem, especially when it’s not safe to drink. Thankfully, we are here to rescue you by ensuring that the water supplied to you is free of contaminants and safe to drink.

Let us first understand why it is essential to test your water supply. You must already know that the water you get at your home may contain many contaminants that may or may not be harmful to your body. If the substances are not toxic, then you are one of the luckiest of the lot. However, they will still alter the water’s taste, appearance, and odor. However, a serious issue arises when these contaminants cause an illness to you and your family members.

One of the primary water tests performed by us is the Coliform water test. There are two types of coliform water tests. They are,

  • Total coliforms: Your water contains these microbes naturally present in the soil, plants, and animal digestive systems. However, an increase in their level beyond usual standards is indicative of the presence of harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. 
  • Fecal coliforms: This test will confirm the presence of contaminants that are likely to cause diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. 

If you are looking for accurate and trusted results, you can enlist our help in getting a coliform water test in Gainesville, VA. We are always willing to answer your queries, along with conducting tests and sample collection. The tests only take a few times, and once the results come, we will inform you via email immediately.

In some cases, a few samples for total coliforms can turn out negative, but we also test it for E-coli bacteria to make sure you and your family are completely safe. You can always take help from the Health Department in Gainesville, VA, with water treatment solutions once you have confirmed the levels of contaminants. 

It is also necessary to conduct a water test if your water supply comes from a well in your property because no government agency will take responsibility for private well water inspection. In such cases, the responsibility of conducting regular tests lies with you.

If you are looking to conduct a water test in Gainesville, VA, you can count on us. All you have to do is give our experts a call, and they will be happy to guide you through the whole process.

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