Coliform Water Test Services in Middleburg, VA

The water your household relies on must be safe to drink. Beyond that, it must have a good

The water your household relies on must be safe to drink. Beyond that, it must have a good appearance, taste well and have a fresh smell. If any of these aspects are missing, the water becomes unpleasant, and no one will want to drink, cook, or wash with it. Mostly, problems associated with water quality have a solution.

Maintaining water quality calls for consistent testing. Before you rush to fix a problem, you must know its cause. Our coliform water test services in Middleburg, VA, is very important. If you suspect contamination and are not sure whether to keep using the water, conduct it at once. It is the only way to verify the levels of bacteria in the water supply.

Coliform bacteria cause gastrointestinal illnesses. Have you had such issues with numerous visits to the doctor? If so, the cause could be right inside your house. We consider this examination as the standard for water safety. The coliform test is one of the three that we conduct. Testing for lead and nitrates are the other two in that category.

Lead leaches from pipes installed in older homes. In some instances, like the Flint, Michigan case, factories in the vicinity caused lead contamination. A lead test will reveal whether your water supply has this metal and the levels of pollution. Property that once hosted a busy farm may have been contaminated by the farm vehicles that used lead-based gasoline.

Regarding the test for nitrates, it will alert you on the levels. If too high, it could be a problem. Water in areas with high agricultural activity has a high nitrate concentration. The Health Department in your area will recommend procedures for controlling nitrate levels.

Unless a problem occurs, water quality is hardly a matter of concern for many. However, by the time the situation manifests, you can hardly use the water. In the worst scenario, you could be having an ill member of your family who requires medical care. Besides, for private water supplies, the government does not come to check whether you have tested it or not. 

We recommend seeking our coliform water test services in Middleburg, VA. We have a team of experienced technicians on board. Once you engage us, we shall instantly send you supplies for sample collection. On top of that, we give simple instructions on the best ways to collect and prevent sample contamination. After collection, drop them at one of our locations. 

Coliform bacteria should not worry you so much. Our coliform water test services in Middleburg, VA, will reveal how much is in your water supply. We are your resource for water quality issues. Call us today, and we shall discuss the problem and help you find a solution.

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