Coliform Water Test Service in Vienna, VA

Every day you use water for brushing your teeth, laundry, washing, and flushing toilets. You also drink it

Every day you use water for brushing your teeth, laundry, washing, and flushing toilets. You also drink it to quench thirst and for keeping healthy. Everything seems ordinary, and you never worry about falling sick. Each time you open the tap, water comes out without fail.

You are not alone in this. Many homeowners across the country do not worry about the water they consume. Have you ever considered subjecting a water sample for analysis? If not, we suggest that you do so soon. Have you heard about our coliform water test service in Vienna, VA? It checks for coliform bacteria in water. 

Water testing is an important exercise, mostly if you reside in the countryside. Without it, you would not know whether you have bacteria. The truth will eventually come out when you fall sick after drinking contaminated water.

We are an established water testing laboratory in Virginia. In our hires are specialists in water safety and quality. Our technicians are the go-to people in Vienna, VA. Plus, if you do not know where to begin, we are easy to reach. Like in the case of a coliform test, we will send you a pack containing a test kit once you engage us. Use it to collect a sample and mail it back to us.

City water reservoirs are under the care of municipalities. The EPA requires these authorities to provide residents with clean water that is also safe to drink. As it were, sometimes things fall through the cracks. Those obligated to test public water supply fall back on their duty resulting in a compromise. Sometimes the concerned officials do not get it right.

For private homeowners, the situation is different. No one will come pursuing you to enforce the testing requirement. Our advice is that you start with our coliform water test service in Vienna, VA. More so, if you make it a habit to test your water once a year, you will keep track and ensure that no harmful bacteria exist.

Coliform bacteria cause gastrointestinal illnesses. You keep wondering why everyone in your family keeps getting ill. Numerous visits to the doctor seem not to yield a cause. A total coliform bacteria test will confirm the presence of these micro-organisms. We can also re-test using another sample, but this time to check for E-coli bacteria.

What else do we test?

  • Lead

Recently constructed homes are not at risk of lead contamination. The old dwellings cause us to worry —pipes installed in such properties leach lead, which eventually ends up in the water. We test for lead and inform you about its pollution level.

  • Nitrates

Modern agriculture utilizes fertilizer, which contains nitrates. Eventually, the same finds its way to the water supply. Residents living nearby are at risk of exposure to nitrates. The only way you can be sure is by taking a nitrates test. Our specialists will carry out this analysis and give feedback. We even go further to show whether there are high or low concentration levels.

While we provide the coliform water test service in Vienna, VA, we also emphasize that you keep tabs on water quality. Usually, water has a distinct taste and does not have an odor. Besides, it is colorless. For quality checks, use the following pointers: 

  • A bad taste
  • A funny smell
  • Stained clothing after laundry
  • Discolored sinks and bathtubs
  • Soap that does not produce lather

The Possible Cause For Change In Taste

Differences in water tastes are because of pH levels. The pH must balance, neither high nor low. Its effect manifests in the taste. Moreover, pH levels are responsible for water pipe corrosion. Corroded pipes expose water to pollution. Once you come to us expressing concern about how bad your water tastes, we shall conduct a pH test. 


Discoloration on sinks, bathtubs, and toilet bowls is because of excessive levels of manganese or iron. Iron is responsible for reddish-brown stains. An iron test is the best proof that iron is behind the discoloration. Manganese is another cause of stains, especially in clothing. We also test for manganese as a confirmation.

Bad odor

A funny smell, like that of rotten eggs, points at the possible presence of sulfates. However, we do not speculate. A sulfate test acts as proof that indeed the substance is in the water and causes it to smell bad. 

Water hardness

Soap is a critical ingredient during laundry. It, therefore, should worry you to see no lather coming out. When this happens, water hardness is highly likely. Also, it manifests through an accumulation of residue on sinks and bathtubs. We must conduct a test for hardness to confirm whether your water has become hard. 

By now, you must have realized other benefits attached to the coliform water test service in Vienna, VA. We like approaching water testing from a holistic approach. We know that one test is insufficient, especially for first-timers.

As you can see, we have a cocktail of water tests. We need to emphasize here that each of these checks for the targeted substance. For instance, a test for nitrates cannot yield results for sulfates. We can help you choose the tests required. Call us and bring us up to speed on the situation at hand. Our technicians will guide you on what tests are necessary. After that, we shall ask you to collect and send us samples. Results do not take long to come out.  

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