Coliform Water Test Service in Plains, VA

When you want to drink water from a glass, you cannot help but anticipate benefitting from its thirst-quenching

When you want to drink water from a glass, you cannot help but anticipate benefitting from its thirst-quenching ability. As the glass rim touches your lips, a foul odor hits your nose. You quickly spit the little that was in your mouth. The nasty smell is unbearable. That is when reality checks in, you have not had your water tested. Is everyone in your household safe?

Our coliform water test service in Plains, VA, will help you know something is wrong with your water. Coliform water tests help in checking for bacteria. Besides, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your well undergoes regular testing. Unlike municipal water supplies, testing for privately owned boreholes is not mandatory. 

Water testing is essential for many reasons

Despite the lack of regulation on privately owned water wells, testing is necessary. If you could behave as if you are under the law, the benefits would be great. Perhaps you have a history of gastrointestinal problems in your family. You keep visiting the doctor, and it seems like every member of your household has had a date with the doctor. Testing your water for harmful bacteria will reveal the cause.

Water tests are also a requirement for real estate transfer transactions. What does this mean? Take the case where you want to sell or buy a home. Virginia property law requires the seller to conduct a bacteriological test on wells in the said property. Once done, the results must be availed before the execution of the sale contract.

A sneak peek of our background

Notwithstanding the lack of regulation on testing requirements, you have everything to gain from keeping tabs on water quality. The good news is that we provide various testing services. We are a water testing laboratory based in Virginia. Our company has decades of experience in the sector. More so, our technicians are equally skilled for the same.

We are fully accredited as a testing laboratory that has met and complied with all NELAC institute standards. The scope of accreditation covers drinking and non-potable water. We encourage you to verify our status, and you will be pleased to find that it is up to date. Since 1991, we have built a reliable reputation. 

Our laboratories use Virginia regulatory analytical methods and quality control checks. Besides, our data, which forms the basis of our test results, is of high integrity. We have been in business for over two decades now and boast of over 100,000 samples tested.

First-time testing

Perhaps you have not yet had your water tested. Alternatively, you may have done an initial test but did not follow it up. We recommend that you start with our coliform water test service in Plains, VA. After that, you can progress to check for other substances. You need not worry about this as our team is always at hand to assist.

The best part about testing your water for the first time is that it gives you a starting point. Assuming you take the coliform water test, the results will show whether there are bacteria or not. Also, the report we shall release indicates the levels of these microorganisms. At times, such tests come out negative. When this happens, we investigate further to find out if your well has E-coli.

Overcoming the ignorance

Our coliform water test service in Plains, VA, is like a springboard. It makes you begin to take your water seriously. Many homeowners lead everyday lives believing all along that there is nothing wrong with the water. How we wish that this could be true because eventually, someone will fall sick. Why should you entertain such ignorance?

Not all water contaminants will make you sick. However, where illness is under control, water quality is compromised. Odor, taste, and appearance are all parameters that impact on quality. You expect that the water you use in your household will always have its unique features. Not always, as along the way, you may begin to see some changes.

Our range of water quality tests

Water can change its taste from fresh to something funny. It may also manifest the smell of rotten eggs. That is not all; you may notice stains on laundry, toilets, and kitchen sinks. You may be quick to look for stain removers, but the problem will persist. The solution is to find the stain’s cause, which brings us back to water quality issues.

Stains, odor, color, and taste changes are not necessarily harmful. However, who said that you must tolerate these issues? We love the fact that anyone, not necessarily an expert, can detect aesthetic problems. Your nose can sense foul odor while the eyes will spot stains. Alongside our coliform water test service in Plains, VA, the following are the quality tests:

  • Manganese test

Water contains manganese, but a high concentration of this mineral has side effects. Manganese stains clothing and plumbing accessories. After testing for manganese, our results will show whether you have too much of it or not.

  • pH test

Do you remember the part where we mentioned water taste? Ph levels are responsible for water flavor. The pH must be balanced, not too high or too low. Apart from giving the water a sour taste, high pH levels cause pipe corrosion. Corroded pipes expose water to other dangerous pollutants. You must carry out a pH test.

  • Iron test

A high iron concentration in drinking water causes stains. The stains usually have a reddish-brown color. By the time you spot the colors, most of your clothes will be ruined. We recommend testing for iron as the surest way to confirm for the presence of this mineral. From there, you can take remedial measures to optimize the iron levels.

  • Sulfates test

The smell of rotten eggs is unmistakable. You cannot miss it. More so, water that smells this bad is undrinkable. If you are in this predicament, it could be that there are lots of sulfates in the water. Of course, you cannot just arrive at this conclusion. We suggest that you take a sulfate test, which will confirm or allay your fears.

Water odors and the recommended tests

  • Rotten eggs

Water has no smell, and you can tell when something is amiss. The smell of rotten eggs is one red flag. When it occurs, we recommend taking a sulfate test, as stated earlier. It would be best if you also let us test for total coliform bacteria.

  • Gasoline and motor oil

The smell of gasoline or motor oil is another source of concern. Usually, gasoline leaks into the soil from automobiles in your property. Also, it could be that there is an automobile plant or a large mechanized farm nearby. With such an odor, we would suggest testing for volatile organic chemicals. 

  • Musty smell

Never ignore a musty smell in the water. The good news is that we have specific tests for this problem. Manganese and total coliform bacteria tests will help you nail the source and prep for a solution.

Why you must talk to us

Private water wells are not under EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) scrutiny. You can opt not to test water for contaminants or the cause for changes in quality. However, when the problems come knocking, you will have no one to blame. Since EPA recommends annual testing, we implore upon you to make it your priority.

Drinking contaminated water will make you and your family sick. As it were, you cannot test for all contaminants. It is unnecessary to do so. Nonetheless, we advise that you start by testing for total coliform bacteria. Other pollutants, such as those affecting water quality, can be rectified. However, you cannot fix something you do not know. 

Our coliform water test service in Plains, VA, is like an eye-opener. Water quality is as important as safety. Any compromise, and you do not enjoy using water. Unless you are an expert in these matters, you may not know which array of tests would suit your private water source. Fortunately, expert intervention is only a phone call away. We have a team of experienced technicians ready to help you.

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