Coliform Water Test Service in Berryville, VA

The way you use water each day is almost by instinct. Whenever you need to freshen up, you

The way you use water each day is almost by instinct. Whenever you need to freshen up, you go to the shower and turn on the water. A visit to the toilet also involves a similar pattern. You use the restroom, flush it, and leave. Each time, you follow a routine, and the water comes out almost like magic.

Like many private well owners, water is hardly a matter of concern. Wait until you or a family member falls sick. That is when your mind jolts into reality. However, unless you request our coliform water test service in Berryville, VA, you will never know your water. You would do well to stay in the know and avoid guesswork.  

Why should you request our testing services?

  • We are a dependable water testing laboratory
  • You get results quickly
  • We build and sustain sound customer relationships 

We suggest that you submit a water sample for immediate testing. Do not postpone this; otherwise, you will never have it done. The test results are not always negative. Occasionally, our coliform water test service in Berryville, VA, reveals nothing wrong with your water. 

While such a result is a source of encouragement, you must not rest. On the flip side, it may turn out that your sample revealed there were coliform bacteria. We say this is also good since you now know why your household members have been falling sick. 

With that information, you can confidently step in to take remedial measures. Thanks to our test results, you will now be more vigilant. Besides, you cannot worry about what you do not know. A coliform water test can take two forms:

  • Total coliforms: these are microbes found in water, soil, plants, and animals. They do not cause sickness, but significant levels are indicators of bacteria’s presence in the water.
  • Fecal coliforms: these bacteria dwell in the digestive systems of animals. E. coli is a type of bacteria in this category. Our test can narrow down to checking for the presence of E. coli only. A positive outcome means that harmful germs have invaded your water supply. 

As you can see, a coliform water test service in Berryville, VA, leads to a further test of the specific contaminant. We must also emphasize that water tests are precise. You cannot have one that fits all. Depending on your concern, we only test for what we expect to find. 

If your instincts say that there could be other pollutants, we will test them and share the results. Always shoot for regular testing, and we recommend doing so at least once in a year. That does not mean that you cannot conduct water testing under other circumstances. A consistent testing pattern is highly beneficial.

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