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Water, you drink it every day. You use it for cleaning and bathing. Do you stop and think

Water, you drink it every day. You use it for cleaning and bathing. Do you stop and think about your water? For instance, how does it taste? If you get an aftertaste compared to a refreshing flavor, something is wrong. Also, water has a distinct odorless freshness. Does your water supply cause it to have an odor? Answers to these questions point to one important aspect, water testing.

During laundry, you may notice some stains on your clothing. Check your bathtub, toilet, and kitchen sink. If you spot discolored rings, these are an indication that you have water problems. Since you care about your family and would not wish for any member to fall sick, you must quickly take sufficient measures. None of these problems are permanent, and there are solutions.

We have your solution. Who are we? We are an independent water testing laboratory. Carrying out a coliform water test in Manassas, VA, is one of the services we provide. Homeowners with properties in the countryside do not have access to a municipal water supply. That is why you had to sink a well on your property. In other instances, you might have drawn your supply from a nearby spring.

As someone who relies on a private water source, the government does not inspect your water well for quality. In retrospect, government agencies must inspect public water supplies. For private water wells, quality inspections are the responsibility of the owner. We highly recommend that you utilize our coliform water test in Manassas, VA. Testing your water well once a year assures you that the quality is intact.

What if you have never subjected your water supply to a test? We say not to worry since all it takes is a first time. Once you test for the first time, you establish a baseline. For instance, a coliform test will confirm whether your water has coliform bacteria or not. For your information, the total coliform bacteria test is a standard test for water safety.

Once you have this out of the way, the next step is to ensure that repeat tests take place every twelve months. That way, you now get into a regular testing schedule. The benefits are two-fold. One, if there is a problem, you can take measures to weed it out. Two, you remain confident that no one in your household will fall sick from consuming contaminated water.

Life in the countryside is a lot more different than what happens in the city. There are agricultural activities taking place around your home. These affect the water table, and as you are by now aware, water is very sensitive. Farming utilizes chemicals and fertilizers. Nitrates, for example, are found in some of these compounds. They leach into the water, and you will not know it. Regular testing will reveal the presence of nitrates and other chemicals.

The coliform water test in Manassas, VA, is not the only examination we do. We also test for total dissolved solids. Water contains minerals, most of which are good for the body. However, a high concentration of these minerals could have other consequences. Some of these involve your health while others affect water utilities like pipes and sinks, toilet bowls and bathtubs.

Testing for total dissolved solids shows us the different minerals that are present in the water. Besides, the results reveal levels of each. If the water has been tasting strangely in recent times, the mineral balance could be the result. Tests for sulphates also come in handy, especially where the water has a foul smell like rotten eggs. Once again, the results of this test will keep you apprised of the intensity of your problem.

A coliform water test in Manassas, VA, alerts you of any water problems. Once you know what is in your drinking water, you move with speed to take corrective action. In the end, you will not only be relieved, but everyone in your household remains healthy. You do not keep spending money on medical bills. Besides, we make your work very easy.

Homeowners come to us with numerous reasons for testing their water. Some merely seek to establish a baseline for future testing. Others want to restore confidence that their source, be it a well or spring, is safe. Another category like to ascertain that they are consuming water of the right quality. In all these instances, we are proud to be the water testing laboratory of choice.

Since we have discussed testing at length, it is also important that you know what the process involves. After you contact us, we shall ask that you collect and send us samples from your water supply. Ensure that you only use the collection containers we provide. Any other container will not hack it as the sample could be contaminated.

Also, check that the bottle is intact, meaning it has no cracks, and the seal is not broken. If you see any of these, please let us know, and we shall replace the container. Another precaution is that you should not touch the inner part of the container. Besides, fill it up to the marked level before screwing the cap back on and labelling it with your name. 

Do you need your water tested? Call us today and talk to one of our technicians. They will assist you with the test required. The conversation takes only a few minutes.

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