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A coliform water test in Leesburg, VA, is more important than you ever thought. Sadly, many people give

A coliform water test in Leesburg, VA, is more important than you ever thought. Sadly, many people give little thought to it. However, once a problem arises, the need for water testing supersedes everything else. A sick family member jolts you into the reality that something is wrong with the water. Worse still, it could be you that fell sick.

You could be enjoying the water that comes out of your tap, but it never occurs to check its quality. Regular testing can reveal a lot. For instance, the coliform test checks for the presence of bacteria. These microorganisms cause gastrointestinal illnesses. If you or a family member has been suffering from this condition, you had better get to its root cause.

For homeowners that obtain water from wells or springs, our private coliform water test in Leesburg, VA, would do them a lot of good. Unlike boreholes owned by public bodies, private water sources are not subjected to government inspection. You will never witness a situation where someone from a government agency comes to check your water quality. Does that mean you cannot take the initiative? The answer is no.

To ensure your water quality, we always recommend that you take advantage of the testing services that we offer. You may not have tested your well or spring water before. Wisdom dictates that you have a starting point, which is sort of a springboard. Once you test, you get to learn what is in your water (only for what you test for). After that, we strongly suggest that you make follow up by testing again twelve months later.

Take Advantage of These Water Safety Tests 

Thankfully, we are an accredited private water testing lab, and we provide the coliform water test in Leesburg, VA. In all, we have three tests under the water safety category. We can look at each briefly.

  • Total coliform bacteria

We attach priority to testing for coliform bacteria. As mentioned earlier, these organisms are among the causes of illness. If your family is having such issues and keep visiting the doctor, you better check the water. A coliform bacteria test confirms whether these microorganisms are present or not. Where the test turns out negative, we subject the water sample to further investigation. This time around, our objective is to check whether E-coli bacteria is present.

  • Lead

Older homes in Leesburg, VA, have their plumbing installation done using pipes that leak lead. If you bought such a property, the chances of having lead contamination in your water are high. Another possibility is if the home you live in was once used for farming. The odds are that the farm had numerous vehicles to support operations. 

These vehicles must have used gasoline laced with lead. By joining the pieces together, we can suspect that some gasoline could have found its way into the soil and water. Causes of lead in well water are not always obvious. Testing for lead shows how much is there.

  • Nitrates

Nitrates come from fertilizers used in agricultural activities. Living in an area where residents in the surrounding practice agriculture expose drinking water to nitrates. The surest way to tell whether the concentration of nitrates is high is by subjecting your water sample to a test. Only then can you have information that instructs your actions.

Apart from the coliform water test in Leesburg, VA, we also invite you to consider improving the water quality. Numerous ways to check for quality exist. These include taste, smell, and appearance. The water will taste bad, have a funny smell, and stain clothes during laundry. It will discolor toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. Deploying stain removal tactics is fine, but what is the point is the problem keeps recurring?

Do Not Ignore These Water Safety Tests

You will be better placed to narrow down on the cause before acting. Our range of water quality tests exists to help you enjoy the water you consume. Here now is a sneak peek of these tests:

  • Hardness

When someone talks of using hard water in their home, they almost mean it literally. When you use hard water and soap, it does not produce lather. Did you know this? Now you do and have just found out a quick test for hard water. Apart from soap not lathering, hard water leaves a flaky residue on sinks, toilet bowls, and bathtubs. We test water samples for hardness.

  • PH levels

Water can have high or low PH levels, but both affect its quality. When your water has high PH levels, it leaves corroded pipes in its wake. Pipe corrosion is not a good thing at all. Metals, some of which are dangerous, will find their way from the pipes and into the water. Mark you, all this happens behind the scenes while you continue consuming the contaminated water. A PH test is one of those that our laboratory performs.

  • Iron and Manganese

We mention these together because they have similar effects. Both iron and manganese stain plumbing apparatus. In the case of iron, its presence is manifest in a reddish-brown stain. The discoloration occurs in toilets, tubs, and sinks. If you spot this stain, your water has high iron levels. Manganese has similar effects that also extends to clothing. Tests for iron or manganese will confirm whether the water has either of these.

Maintain Water Quality Through Regular Testing

Water quality is an important aspect. You must not take it for granted. The moment you suspect something is wrong, do not hesitate to give us a call. Remember that private water testing is critical, as there is no government authority to keep reminding you of the same. Municipalities, on the other hand, are subject to numerous regulations. Adherence to these rules ensures that the city water supplies get tested from time to time.

However, people who use springs or wells stand high risks of their water quality being compromised. Our laboratories offer two categories of tests, quality, and those related to health. We delved into these earlier, but we insist that you treat them with equal importance. As you have noticed, we have repeatedly stated that you must know the cause of a problem for you to fix it. If at all you are confused, we are on standby. Our team is ready to assist you on this journey.

Take Proactive Action And Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Water that has a nasty smell or a foul taste distracts anyone from drinking it. From a technical perspective, it may be safe to drink. However, as a proactive person, you will be quick to find out what causes the bad taste and smell. That is where we come in by offering you an array of tests. Regular testing of water from the well or spring helps you act in two ways. First, you can move to restore the aesthetic properties of water that comes from your taps. Second, you can confirm or rule out the cause of sickness in your family.

There Are No “Right” Tests

Why do we say so? Because it is true that unless you know what you are testing, no single test will suffice. For first-timers, we suggest running the full range of tests. After getting a baseline, you can now proceed and only select what you need. 

We advise that you perform repeat testing, twelve months after the initial investigations. One year is sufficient time for changes to have taken place. For instance, after testing for nitrates the first time, you only need to confirm again after a year. In the next, the nitrate test is not necessary.

We know that majority of homeowners are not experts in water-related issues. By requesting our coliform water test in Leesburg, VA, we also get a chance to inform you about other equally important tests. Besides, if you are not sure where to start, we are still available to assist. Our technicians are skilled in water testing and will guide you. 

After selecting a test, we shall send sample collection kits your way. There are instructions that you must follow during sample collection. Do not worry, we also advise on best collection practices. Get in touch today to order your water test. 

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