Coliform Water Test in Nokesville, VA

When you live in the countryside, you must dig a well to provide water to your household. The

When you live in the countryside, you must dig a well to provide water to your household. The local supply only caters to city residents. In the absence of a well, you most likely derive water from a spring located on your property.

Both spring and well water are good. It could even surpass that found in the city. However, this is not always the case. Countryside water sources do get contaminated. Under these circumstances, continued consumption of such water can cause illness. In extreme cases, fatal consequences do occur.

An interesting fact about water is that you hardly think about what it contains. Everyone in your household consumes it without issues. But wait until a problem arises. You start wondering what in the world could be in the water. Do you not feel that it would be wise to know what your water contains?

A coliform water test in Nokesville, VA, would be an ideal source of information. Why do we say so? Because we conduct this and other tests on water supplies. Here is some background about us:

  • We are a water testing laboratory
  • Our labs have a high reputation for integrity
  • We use state-approved analytical methods

As mentioned earlier, drinking contaminated water will make you sick. We believe that you care about your wellbeing and that of your family. Therefore, you would not want anyone to put their health at risk. For that and other reasons, we advise homeowners to have their water wells tested.

Water has numerous pollutants, and we cannot test for all. Doing so would be not only unnecessary but also impractical. That is why we root for the coliform water test in Nokesville, VA, as an ideal starting point. If coliform bacteria are absent, this test will reveal it.

Nitrates, copper, and lead are other water pollutants found in well water. Excessive concentrations of these minerals can be detrimental to your health. For each of these, there is a specific test that targets the contaminant in question. 

Water quality is another aspect that should warrant your attention. Stains, odor, taste, and color are examples of challenges you might encounter in well or spring water. Your proactive action can reverse these. 

We would urge you to take the coliform water test in Nokesville, VA. You must trust our advice since we are an authority in water testing. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) only has control over municipal water wells. For private water supply, such as the well on your property, you are responsible for water testing.

Do not gamble with your family’s health. Plan for water testing at least once every 12 months. When you do so, ensure that the coliform water test is top on your priority list.

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